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  • How do I get a fair price for my business?


    There are many variables that could affect the selling price of your business.

    These include market conditions, demographics, operating location(s), product/service offerings and much more. 

    We will take al these variables into consideration and work with you to come up with a fair assessment. 

    In addition, Covid-19 has presented its own unprecedented challenges, which we will account for. Due to a rapidly changing environment, the ability to be agile is key. 

  • Why are your business listings not listed on MLS?


    We don't list our listings on MLS because it provides the business owner an opportunity to keep running their operations without disturbance and also keeps their business matters private to both external parties (including competitors and clientele) and employees. 

    All of our business sales (over 200) have been made in a confidential manner, due to our extensive network and commitment to privacy. 

  • How can I find a business to buy?


    Through a free consultation, we will assess your business requirements, level of experience and financial situation to determine how we can help you purchase a business that suits your needs. 

  • What is the process of buying/selling a business?


    We will start the process by engaging in a free, confidential consultation with you in order to understand your unique situation and requirements. 

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